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Female genital cancers

Uterine cancer

Vaginas, uterus, tubes and ovaries are organs known as genital systems that enable the fulfillment of reproductive functions in women. In different phases of life, cancer can develop in some parts of these organs.


Female genital cancers

How often do women's genital system cancers arise?

The most common genital system cancer is uterine cancer and it is seen either in the uterine layer (endometrium) or in the cervix. It is followed by ovarian (över) cancer, vulva-vaginal cancer and much more rare tube cancer. Endometrium (inner layer of uterine) cancer

What is the most common cancer of the uterine inner layer (endometrium)?

80% of the uterine inner layer cancers occur after menopause, i.e. after the age of 50.

What are the early symptoms of cancer in the inner layer of the uterus?

Abnormal bleeding is observed in 90% of the women who are caught in this cancer. And sometimes a smelly bloody discharge can be seen.

Which women are in a risky group in terms of cancer of the uterine inner layer?

  • Diabetes, fat women with high blood pressure
  •  Unmarried women
  • Women who have no birth or less birth
  • Women who are late entering menopause (after 54 years)
  • Women with endometrium, breast and ovarian cancer in their family
  • Women consuming excess amounts of animal fat
  •  Women with ovulation disorder and infertility
  •  Women with estrogen secreting tumors in their ovary

What should women do for early diagnosis of uterine layer cancer?

They should have a gynecological examination at least once a year and have the necessary examinations done. In addition, abnormal bleeding, smelly discharge etc. should immediately apply to the doctor. I wish everyone a healthy day.


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