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Genital area aesthetics (genital rejuvenation)

Although many people are shy about the aesthetics of Genital area, it is no longer undeniable that it becomes as familiar as rhinoplasty.

Genital aesthetics such as nose or breast aesthetics are also an aesthetic application that has been demanded in recent years. Many different aesthetic applications are performed in the genital area especially in cases where postpartum and weight loss are higher. In cases such as ageing, structural defects and birth, it is possible to repair the genital region by various means. There is no single issue that comes to mind when vaginal aesthetics is called. In this very comprehensive aesthetic area, there are clitoris aesthetics, vagina lips aesthetics, color decompression and hymenoplasty options.

The patient’s complaints can be seen in a single section, as well as multiple problems. The operations carried out with the combined aesthetic procedures will change the patient’s sexual life and aesthetic concerns in a positive way. For this reason, vaginal aesthetic applications are performed with a team consisting of obstetrician specialists, general surgery specialists and anesthesiologists, especially aesthetic surgeons.

In our clinic you can talk to the physician who will answer all the questions you are interested in sincerely. In this context you can decide on the aesthetic application you need without having anything to do with your mind.

What is Genital area aesthetics?

The aesthetic operations of the genital region, which is known as vaginoplasty but provides the repair of different defects in many different procedures, are applied as Perineoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasti, Hudoplasty. For this operation, which is much easier than most women have anticipated, the examination of obstetrician and aesthetic surgeons results in successful outcomes. As a marketing strategy, it is necessary to know that applications such as cosmetic laser applications do not reflect the truth. In our clinic, you can examine the details of the aesthetic procedures successfully performed.

Genital area aesthetics are now becoming a sort of a nose, breast or hair transplantation. Because the developments in aesthetic surgery has resulted in success in our country, many people care for their personal treatment. In aesthetic surgery which provides permanent care, operations such as vagina and penis aesthetics have become more spoken.


Vaginoplasty operations that allow plastic surgeons to interfere with the outer part of the vagina without obstetrics helps to make the vagina appear more alive and younger by removing excess tissue. The operation is carried out using laser, surgery, radio frequency and electrocautery. Our specialist aesthetic surgeons in our clinic perform vaginoplasty operations successfully. It is decided what kind of application will be performed after the person’s examination of the Genital aesthetics. Patients may have complaints of a lot of difference. In addition to the deformities, problems in the vagina can also be treated in this context.


The region between vaginal openness and breech is called perineum. Often damaged due to postpartum traumas, this region may also cause the vagina to loosen. One of the biggest problems of women (especially women who do normal delivery), this situation is eliminated thanks to the experience of our specialist physicians. Perineoplasty operations must be decided on the basis of the patient’s complaints in order to conclude successfully. The plastic surgeon only repairs the perineum area, so it is necessary to get help from the obstetrics specialist when reaching the vaginal part. The operation takes approximately 30 minutes, and the patient returns to the daily routine. Vagina repair, rectal problems, clitoral operations can be performed with the same operation. You can contact us to get successful results in the aesthetics of Genital area.



It is possible to repair the lip portions of the vagina, which can be a major problem. When it comes to samas, deformities and asymmetric problems, the Labioplasty method is engaged. This operation, which is performed as a combination with the hudoplasty operation, can be between 15-45 minutes according to the patient’s condition. Large lips, which disturb people who wear swimwear and sports, can be shrunk with aesthetic operation. In general, lip problems are accompanied by clitoris problems, both operations are performed at the same time. These situations, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse, can even affect one’s sexual life. Therefore, the operation of Labioplasty can be performed after physical examination of women when they have such complaints. If the transaction is not combined with other operations, it takes 30 minutes and is performed successfully in our clinic.


Excessive skin on the clitoris can prevent women from being warned during intercourse. This leads to sexual problems, women reluctant. The hudoplasty operation with the Genele Labiopasti helps to reveal the bulge in the region. During labiopasti, the reduced lips can sometimes reveal this region. However, small interventions may be required to make it look aesthetic and natural. Both operations do not give the other good results before one completes each other.

The stitches become incomprehensible after a certain period of time and the patient is easily returned to his daily life after the operation. It is advisable to care for hygiene, not to have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks and not to wear tight underwear. Genital aesthetic is carried out safely by our clinic specialists in Ankara City.

Laser Vagina Aesthetics

The laser, which is used in many ways from epilation to scar treatment, is also preferred in vagina aesthetics. Many people who have made vagina aesthetics with lasers first refer to the physician with the problem of urinary incontinence. The laser, which provides successful results in urinary incontinence, accelerates cell regeneration. Thus, it is aimed to treat problems such as combustion, drying and pain in the vagina. In cases like smoking, age progression and birth, the vagina expands. In order to prevent this, it draws attention between the laser and vagina aesthetic treatment types. This operation, known as the narrowing of the vagina, is carried out by the following complaints:

  • Urinary incontinence due to weakening of collagen connective tissue in vagina
  • The inability to enjoy sexual intercourse
  • Experiencing pain in sexual intercourse
  • Tightening of vagina infections

After 20 minutes of operation, the patient can return to his/her daily life. Sometimes the radiofrequency device can be preferred instead of the laser. It is a choice that depends entirely on the physician’s decision and mastery.

Suitable for Genital rejuvenation

Vaginoplasty, commonly preferred by women who are vaginal births, can be seen due to age-related relaxation and congenital anomalies. If there are many problems that can be seen in the inner and outer parts of the vagina, the nature of the operation will change. Therefore, in consideration of a good examination, complaints and the patient’s wishes, genital area aesthetics can be done. Solution-oriented studies can be performed in accordance with the patient’s wishes.

  • Those with vagina problems that lose their post-natal resiliency
  • Congenital vagina anomaly
  • Sagging on the lips of the vagina, those with asymmetry
  • People who live in post-menopausal vagina
  • Those who do not enjoy sexual intercourse can be directed to genital aesthetic applications.

If operations do not have a combined operation, it can lead to 30 minutes. At the same time, some patients may need more than one operation.


Post birth vagina tightening

A large proportion of women after vaginal birth are referred to physicians with problems such as urinary incontinence, inability to enjoy sexual intercourse. Aesthetic applications are used as a treatment of such complaints that can be addressed in a 30-minute process. However, it should be known that not all complaints are addressed by aesthetic surgeon intervention.

People who apply techniques such as laser vagina tightening should also be specialists. Operations performed by non-plastic surgeons may result in risky. So when you make your choice, you can examine the experience, working conditions and patient experiences of your physician. If you want to have a vaginal aesthetic application for your health and beauty you can contact us. Our experts will be happy to inform you about everything.


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