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Hymen Planting

You can make an appointment for the hymen planting by contacting us at any time by having a structure that may be planted at any time.

What is a hymen?

The hymen is an operation that ensures that the hymen membrane that is degraded is re-created. Hymen, the other name of the maiden’s membrane, takes its name from Hymen, a marriage and wedding God in Roman and Greek mythology. The women’s hymen are also referred to by the name of God, as the nuptial night is devoted to the Lord.

How to make a hymen examination?

Hymen examination is performed by obstetrics and gynecologist, and in a very short period of time, examination is performed without damaging the hymen without any auxiliary tools. For examination, the female two legs are opened to the gynecological table and the hymen ring surrounding the vagina is revealed and certain information about whether or not the membrane is intact or not.

What good is a hymen?

It can be understood whether the woman has had sexual intercourse before, not having any function of the hymen, but it’s only degraded.

What are the symptoms of hymen distortion?

Some women’s hymen can be very flexible. In this case, the bleeding does not occur and the hymen do not deteriorate. She can have sexual intercourse until she’s born. However, some of the hymen are too thick and hard to get into the first relationship with the direct deteriorate. Therefore, it differs from the structure of the maiden membrane, whether it deteriorating or deteriorating, and how the bleeding will be. The symptom of hymen deterioration is the occurrence of bleeding after intercourse. Bleeding may be darker and blood-coloured, and in thin-structure hymen, light pink and Sheffafa can also be carried out in a close tone of bleeding.

Why is my hymen planting important?

There is a great majority in our society that sees sexuality as a taboo, with the oppression of patriarchal culture and traditions. This majority stipulates that the woman must be a virgin when she marries and gives great importance to virginity. The abused woman may sometimes want to sew her hymen under the threat of a sexual relationship or some time when she lives and regrets her past. In some cases, the female hymen can be forced to be examined when there is no post-marital bleeding. For these reasons, women have to sew their hymen before they are married, and they apply to my clinic to avoid having problems with their wives.

Do you know when you’ve had intercourse with the hymen examination?

Many women have been asking questions about this. Because some women have a very thin structure of the hymen, a bleeding close to the transparent color can be observed after bleeding. In this case, the wife or woman who thinks she was with someone earlier might want to be a hymen examination to prove that she is a virgin. During the examination, however, it can be understood when the bleeding is in the 7 days following the rupture of the hymen membrane, a week after the rupture, the region will repair itself, the gynecologist even when the female’s hymen were torn He won’t understand.

Who can sew the hymen?

In order to sew the hymen, you must first be 18 years of age. For the operation, it is stipulated as a statutory condition and, as the operation is in the aesthetic operation class, it is carried out in a very short time with the proper planting method and planting tools in our clinic under legally sterile conditions. In short, the age of 18:

  • Single
  • Married
  • Women who have already had their birth
  • Those with abortion
  • It is an operation that can be performed even to women who enter menopause and how many times the sexual intercourse of the woman has no effect on the success of the operation. 
Permanent hymen Planting – differences between temporary hymen planting

When you want to sew your maiden dice, the operation will appear in general with two different planting methods, including permanent hymen planting and temporary hymen planting. We compare the characteristics of these methods and let you decide which of the two methods you prefer. If you have a question mark in your mind about which operation you prefer, you can contact us immediately and let us advise and guide you to choose by providing information about the operation:

Geçici Kızlık Dikimi (Düğün Öncesi)
Temporary hymen is an urgent repair, which lasts more than 15 minutes, without requiring any control, more easily than 4 – 5 days before sexual intercourse.
Kalıcı Kızlık Dikimi (Flep)
Permanent hymen planting is performed at least 6 weeks before sexual intercourse, you can feel some pain during the operation, between 25 and 30 minutes, requiring pre-operative control, the operation of the vagina collapsable, The effect is a lasting operation lasting for a lifetime.
How much are the hymen planting prices?

The price of hymen planting varies depending on factors such as anesthesia method used, Operation method. You can call our clinic for information on the price of hymen planting. We are happy to provide you with information about our operation and our fees as soon as we return. At the same time, you can make an appointment for more detailed information and talk to our physician in person, tell your expectations from the operation and sew your maiden dice with the sewing method to suit your expectations.

Is there any bleeding after the hymen planting?

Our patients need to contact us and our potential patients wonder if there will be definite bleeding after the operation. In this regard, the operation is carried out by our experienced and experienced physician and if you follow the advice of our physician after the operation, the hymen will definitely bleed during the first relationship.

Is the hymen planting clear?

It will not be possible to understand that the person’s wife’s hymen were planted in the stage where the healing process was planted. Only an experienced gynecologist can understand when the hymen are broken after planting a relationship. Pregnancy and a routine gynecologist after an examination, even the gynecologist will not be able to understand that the process is done, this issue will be closed. You will not be able to reach any of the information that you have performed under patient-physician confidentiality in this process.

What should be considered after planting the hymen?

After planting the hymen, you are advised to take care of the following issues:

  • When your doctor calls, you definitely go to the controls.
  • Be sure to take the medications your doctor recommends.
  • If you do not perform heavy sports activities after the expiration of the hymen planting operation where the permanent planting is applied, you must take care not to ride the bike or the motorbike or enter the pool or the sea.
  • If you can take a shower immediately after the operation, be sure to keep the shower for 1 month and not enter the bathtub.
  • Consume fibrous foods that will regulate your digestive tract as much as possible and be careful to be constipated.
How do I sew the hymen?

The hymen planting is performed under local or sedation type anesthesia according to the selected planting method. It is possible to experience bleeding outside the relationship with the applications made with short-term seams for the planting of hymen. This method is a temporary hymen planting and if you prefer this method, different sewing method will be preferred. However, if you wish to have a permanent hymen planting, then the hymen planting is erected in our Ankara clinic only in the event of tearing and bleeding, and thus any bleeding from the planting to your first relationship Life.

In our clinic of hymen planting in Ankara, we have made them take the benefit they want from the operation by acting in accordance with the expectations and requests of our patients applying for hymen. If you want to do the operation but are ashamed or shy, you can contact us immediately. We will be happy to inform you in detail about the process. In a healthy and hygienic environment, we provide you with the sewing of the hymen membrane to prevent adverse situations that you may experience after the operation and to get the benefit you want.

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