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The answer to all the questions you are curious about labioplasty, which is among the aesthetic of Genital region, is given. You can access the operation details below.

About Labioplasty

It is important to first answer the question of what is labioplasty. Presenting details about the operation will allow you to see that the genital area problem you are experiencing is actually easily eliminated.

The operation is being done to eradicate the internal lip saps in the genital area. The application of Labioplasty, before and after the operation will be able to reach details about. The operation that will take place in a hygienic environment is to eliminate this problem that you are experiencing easily.

Why is Operation Labioplasty needed?

Yes, it is important to first cause the operation of the internal lips to shrink. Abnormal size occurring on the inner lips in the female genital area may disturb the person. Don’t hesitate to wear these uncomfortable clothes, it’s obvious that there can be discomfort like anxiety. The problem of self-reliance on the person is affecting his sex life. But other than that, the woman can also narrow her area of movement during the day. Most of the time it’s uncomfortable, it makes the operation necessary.

Relationship of labioplasty with virginity…

Most of the time, among the first questions asked by patients, would being a virgin have an effect on this operation? Would the operation harm the virginity? Patients should know that the operation of the chastity membrane is a distinct region. Labioplasty surgery, which occurs entirely on the outer part of the genital area, does not damage the chastity membrane in any way.

How to make labioplasty?

Checks are performed before surgery. Under Normal conditions, there is a certain size in the genital area where the inner lips should be. According to research, more than half of women have the size of the inner lips in the genital area. It is possible to continue your daily life and sexual life as you wish because the large inner lips are dishearting and terminated by internal lip surgery.


The controls to be done will provide information about how much normal inner lips are from the size it should be. Examinations will be performed prior to the operation and preparations for the operation are to be made.

Determining the day of surgery;

After the inspections, the medical information will be made directly. You can ask for your questions and get the answers in the best way.

Surgical intervention;

The intervention to be made for the inner lips will be in the form of normal dimensions. The method that your doctor has determined will take place within a short period of time for the inner lips to be the size. By ensuring that the intervention is performed in a sterile environment, your quality of life will be increased.

What anesthetic is performed in labioplastic?

Which anesthetic method to use is also extremely important. You can decide with your doctor what the anesthesia method will be for Labioplasty Amalilay. Firstly, you should know that both general anesthesia and local anesthesia are possible for this surgery.

  • General Anesthesia: If you wish, you can request the surgery to occur with general anesthesia. With the recommendation of your doctor, the anesthesia will be determined directly from the surgery.
  • Local anesthetic: Local anesthesia with regional anaesthesia can also be performed with surgery. You can also request surgery to be performed in this way.

You can provide information about which anesthetic method you want to use during the checks and before the operation. You will be able to act according to the suggestions offered, and your operation to keep your heart comfortable with mutual sharing.

How long will it take to operate in Labioplasty?

Among the issues that patients are most curious about before undergoing surgery, of course, how long the surgery will be completed. In general, we can say that there are short surgeries for labioplasty surgery. It will be completed in minutes. Usually, the internal lip reduction surgery is completed between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. During this period, the patient’s recovery process should be completed.

What to do after surgery

What happens after the internal lip reduction operation? The operation, which has been performed to eliminate the problem of internal lip saps, allows you to enter a certain healing process. According to your doctor’s opinion, you may be asked to stay in the hospital for 1 day. In terms of taking precautions, the person may need to rest in the hospital one day.

Aesthetic seams;

Among the issues the patients are curious about after the operation is whether there is a condition such as taking stitches. You should know that sewing is not going to happen. As the operation is carried out by aesthetic seams, you will see that the seams disappear within a certain period of time.

recovery process;

You will be discharged to the house on the first day of your stay at the hospital. You may need to be careful to prevent the risk of infection for some time. There may be precautions your doctor wants you to take. For example, if you are writing surgery, you will be asked not to enter the pool for 3 months. It is recommended that people who have surgery in winter stay away from the areas used in this way in bulk. Improvement should be ensured before any infection problems arise.

Could there be an internal lip enlargement after labioplasty surgery?

After the completion of the surgery, another question in the mind of the patients is the possibility of re-encountering a problem in this way. In general, this disease is seen as genetic. In other words, the emergence of a problem in this way is difficult with physical interventions. If a person has labioplasty surgery, then a problem like this is difficult to reproduce. There is no problem with the re-growth of the inner lips. We can say that the surgery is a definite and permanent solution.

What you should be aware of in labioplasty surgery

Almost all surgical interventions need to be paid attention to hygiene. Rapid realization of recovery, failure of infection and health of the person; But it will be with a successful surgery.

Specialist doctor;

Of course, it’s important that a doctor who specializes in genital aesthetics has done the surgery. It is important to ensure mutual trust and to eliminate your concerns.

Hygienic environment;

The extremely hygienic environment of the operation is to ensure that there is no problem before and after the operation. You should also pay attention to the nature of the clinical environment provided for this.

Answering your questions;

It is important to eliminate your concern before surgery by the doctor. All questions you ask for this must be answered and given detailed information.

By paying attention to the above issues, Labioplasty will ensure that the patient is satisfied with the operation and that it is easy to regain health.

Labioplasty Prices

If the patients want to be operated, there are prices among the issues that they will look at. According to what prices are determined, the rates created are asked by the patients. Since it is not possible to say a clear price, we can say that the most accurate information will be given after the check. You need to be aware of the price, the specialist doctor and sterile clinical environment to reach the best prices. The completion of the operation with the best possible rates will be advantageous for you.

Make an appointment;

It is recommended that you make an appointment for the controls to be made. After the appointment, which will be given shortly, the controls will be held and the operation shall be interpreted directly in a personal way. In this way, it is possible to have specific information about the operation.

The best prices are;

Before the operation, you can be assured that the prices for labioplasty will be given to the market according to the prices. As soon as possible, you will have the opportunity to regain your health in an advantageous way with the day of surgery and the most appropriate operation prices. Details will be given.


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