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Reasons for not having intercourse

There are psychological and physiological reasons for couples not having a healthy relationship or inability to engage. The reasons for not having intercourse are physiologically caused by defects found on both sides.

In some cases, there is a cure for physiological defects, and in some cases the treatment may take a lifetime. Some of the congenital physiological defects require a lifetime treatment process, while others only continue for some time. For example, the hymen structure is a congenital physiological condition. In fact, it is not a defect, but some types of hymen have a structure that imposes sexual intercourse.

Some of the other defects in the Genital area are also effective in making intercourse impossible.

In addition to physiological effects, it has an important role in making sexual intercourse impossible in the more important psychological effects. Psychological factors can happen on both sides. But it can be seen more violently in women, especially in the expression.

Vaginismus disease is one of the most important psychological problems. It is especially one of the reasons why women do not have the first night of fear and intercourse.

Reasons for inability to engage in intercourse, vaginismus effect

The wrong information that occurs in the subconscious of women is the emergence of the first night and the intercourse. Vaginismus is an important factor in the inability to engage in intercourse. As in other provinces, the situation in Çanakkale province is the same.

Vaginismus is a disease seen in many women. In general, sexuality is seen as taboo and is more common in societies where women are under pressure. It comes out as a woman’s fear of intercourse and rejecting her partner.

There is no problem with foreplay, which is the first stage of sexual intercourse. However, the problem begins to emerge during intercourse. Women who have vaginismus problems are afraid of their partners. But this fear is not a consciously occurring fear. It is the manifestations of false information contained in the subconscious.

Some women get themselves overprotective. Involnon-intentional contractions are sometimes experienced throughout the body. Sometimes it’s limited to genital areas. The tight closure of the legs and the inability of the penis to be taken into the vagina is one of the conditions.

The whole body or manual partner thrust, panic attack-like situations, excessive contractions occurring in the pelvic floor muscles are the results of vaginismia. The woman performs these reactions involuntarily and then feels guilty. While some wives are sympathetic, some wives may be furious.

The important thing about Vaginismus is to be aware of the disease. The reasons for not having intercourse should be questioned and the necessary steps should be taken. The most important step is to get help from a specialist gynecologist.

As a result of a simple and thorough examination, the specialist gynecologist reveals the situation more clearly and assigns the necessary steps. After awareness is created in Vaginismus disease, the treatment is very easy. In a very short time, the problem is solved if the person is willing to treat it. Men’s wives to support their wives in this regard will further accelerate the process of treatment.


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