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What is IVF?

IVF is a method of treatment that is applied for those who are not pregnant in the normal way and that allows you to have children. The most clear answer to what is called IVF is the process of IVF that will allow you to have children. Thanks to the developing technology, the egg taken from the woman is fertiled with the sperm taken from the father and placed in the uterus by fertilizing the embryo development.

The treatment is accomplished through the developing technology and with the help of science. Supportive methods are used to further improve the success of this treatment. Development methods such as sperm DNA damage detection and treatment, ovulation problem treatment, fertilization sperm selection, pregnancy vaccine, male infertility treatments are used.

What is customised IVF treatment?

IVF treatment is a topic that should be investigated in detail by couples. In order to have a child, more productive results are obtained with personalized treatment rather than routine. At this point, many factors such as age of the couple, male sperm quality, ovulation cycle and psychological treatment should first be investigated and personalized IVF therapy should be applied. Not every patient can be given the same medication and the same method will be wrong for each patient.

Stages of IVF treatment

After the decision of IVF treatment, the Horman produced for further ovary is injected into the body more so that the woman lays more than normal and these eggs are followed by ultrasonography and the levels of estradiol is followed. When these eggs are traced to the desired size, 18-20 mm, the egg cracking pin is scheduled for ovulation time. After the injection of this needle, 35 hours after the vaginal operation in the operating room, the eggs are collected and the sperm taken from the male and special techniques are brought to the appropriate stage. The embryo’s development is monitored and the embryos that are most likely to cling are placed in the uterus. There are no major factors affecting the daily life of women during the treatment phase. A heavy transaction is not implemented with the contribution of developing technology and the woman feels more comfortable in this process. The feeling of a woman’s comfort means the treatment will be more successful. After this process, a natural pregnancy process will be complete. There may be unsuccessful attempts, but do not allow this to upset your morale. Because this process is a process that requires patience and determination.

If you are not pregnant and you have decided to treat IVF, you can get detailed information by coming to our clinic.


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