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How is vaginismus treated?

In recent years, vaginismus disease has become more known by facilialisation of communication and access to information channels. Therefore, the number of patients admitted early to treat vaginismus disease has increased. Starting treatment early is the most important factor that facilitates the treatment of vaginismus disease, as in any disease. Vaginismus is a problem that becomes more complex with the addition of new problems when not treated.

We will now outline what these additional problems might be.

* * Female psychological problems begin. Most of these women are depressed, although they change their degree. They’re angry and unhappy. The relationship between friends and relatives has been weakened. They are in a panic attack during sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, some parts of their bodies vary according to person, but they are intentional. The heartbeat will accelerate. Their breathing will accelerate. They can breathe.

‘ ‘ I feel like I’m going to die ‘ ‘ the word of vaginismus is the most of the patients experiencing the problem. All of these findings indicate a panic attack. Women who have a problem with Vaginismus do not share their problems with anyone. Because they’re a heavy embarrassment. Carrying this problem in them gradually becomes a heavy burden on the shoulders. This situation is gradually depressing the woman. They see themselves differently from other women.

According to them, their own vagens are narrower than other women. That’s why they’re angry with other women. Their self-confidence is low. They bear the guilt of not being able to fulfill their feminine duties against their wives. Whatever they do during the day, their minds are constantly engaged in this matter. Working women’s business performances are reduced, they are distracted, their concentration is low.

Vaginismus Treatment factors

* * Vaginiscan also has a social dimension. He began to become the children of his friends who married together. Child requests from families begin to make the couple difficult. This kind of conversation starts to get away from family and friends. Being alone in social life. We see two solutions when couples want children who can’t stand the pressures of parents ‘ child requests. A portion of Vaginismus is an accelerator factor in resolving the problem in women who have a problem, while some of them delay the solution in vaginismus patients.

These vaginismus patients often go in the way of having a baby with IVF. The pregnancy process is also used as an important excuse to delay treatment for patients with vaginismus. * * Further sexual problems in men and women begin as the treatment delays. The most common sexual dysfunction is sexual reluctance (decrease in libidosis).

How to treat Vaginismus

Men and women will not want to engage in a sexual act that would fail. We see erectile dysfunction and frequent treatment of women who are suffering from vaginismus problems in our clinic. We also do the treatment of this situation. The problem of premature ejaculation in men is also occasionally encountered. Sexuality holds an important place on the basis of marriage. When sexuality cannot be experienced, couples may experience relational problems between men and women.

It could be marriages that resulted in divorce or deception. In addition, male sexuality leaves the woman who is experiencing the problem of vaginismus. Men and women can live for many years, like two roommates. Even in this case, after years of marriage, the treatment of vaginismus disease is possible. At work, while treating vaginismus, the treatment needs to be planned early so as not to waste time with all the additional problems I have described.

Treatment Stages

Now let’s talk about the Vaginismus treatment protocol in our own clinic. Many couples who come to our clinic are anxious and concerned. They will share the most intimate issues they have not opened to anyone. We provide a warm, intimate and peaceful environment for couples. Tests are applied to women and men separately, to get to know them better. Gynecological examination of the woman experiencing Vaginismus is performed. This examination lasts only 5-10 seconds and is completely painless. No tools are used during the examination. The Vaginismus degree is determined. All these pre-prepared personalized treatment programs are prepared.

Treatment phases are shared with women and men who are experiencing vaginismus problems. We begin to treat the sexuality that we call treatment cognitive therapy with the female body. At this stage of treatment the woman learns the facts about her own body. He learns himself with evidence that his vagina is wide and long enough to allow sexual intercourse like any other woman. Thus, the woman’s anxiety and anxieties are reduced thoroughly. It increases confidence.

How to treat Vaginismus

While cognitive therapy continues, it is beneficial to strengthen the marital bonds between women and men with relational therapy between women and men experiencing vaginismus problem and strengthening sexual feelings. Many women who have problems with vaginismus marry with their wives. Women who are unable to engage in sexual intercourse will strive not to get together with their spouse as much as possible or even sleep at the same time.
That way, they start to get away from each other, and their shared shares begin to decline. The next stage in the treatment of Vaginismus is behavioral therapy. At this stage, we teach the woman to dominate her own body through various exercises. It is attempted to prevent involuntary and uncontrolled contractions before treatment. These exercises are like mirror exercises, breathing exercises, kegel exercises. Each of these exercises is first taught to women in our clinic. Then it’s called homework.

Vaginismus Homework

He’s asked to do it himself at home. Patients arriving from outside the province can come to treatment in our clinic in the morning. That way, we get a quicker treatment process. We have help with accommodation for our patients coming from outside the province. Patients staying in the home environment should create a suitable environment for them. The treatment usually ends in 3 sessions. The common rhetoric of all vaginismus patients was ‘ ‘ I wish I had come earlier ‘ ‘. Vaginismus affects the entire life of men and women.

They are sad and sad in their lonely years. If there are additional sexual dysfunction in males after vaginismus treatment, they are treated. As with any disease, vaginismus is also important to start treatment at the beginning of the problem. The longer the treatment is delayed, the more sexual, psychological, social problems arise. It is the first step to accept that there is a problem and choose a center where you can trust and express yourself comfortably.

It is very important for the woman to trust herself, her chosen center and her sexual therapist. Vaginismus treatment is 100%. Rely on yourself to do so and start the treatment without delay. Don’t delay your life.


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