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What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a contraction of the pelvic floor (lower base) muscles during intercourse, i.e. the muscles that enveloped the vagina, except for the woman’s request, to make the relationship impossible or painful, thereby narrowing the Volksvagen entrance.

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is not a disease. Vaginismus is a sexual adaptation problem. It’s a result of the subconscious problems. Vaginismus is a problem of sexual phobia. Exaggerated and abusive sexual stories in the past, or from others, lead to the development of this phobia. Vaginismus is a subconscious anxiety disorder that develops as a result of false teachings from childhood seen more frequently in closed societies.

In these societies, there are some teachings that can cause vaginismus when they grow up to be taught to girls in behavioural and emotional times since childhood. The sexual organ should not be touched, the legs should be kept closed and such elements. Vaginismus is the first night of fear. The fear of the first night occurs when women share their bad sexual experiences before they get married.

She is so fascinated by the fear that she is so fond of her beloved wife, she cannot live sexually with involuntary vaginal and body contractions. Vaginismus is also seen in women who are married to their wives. These women enjoy sex, their sexual desires are very good. However, sexual intercourse does not occur due to contractions that the penis does not even notice during the entrance to the Vagene.

What is Vaginismus

These contractions can be in the legs, hips, arms or just the lower base muscles that some women cannot open their legs. In women who only have contractions in the lower base muscles, the tip of the penis enters the vagene but cannot proceed. Couples in this situation ‘ ‘ There is a wall, it crosses the wall, not able to move forward, ‘ ‘ they say. In this way, there are many vaginismus problems that are pregnant women.

Vaginismus is a problem that the woman has hardly dared to come to treatment. In this form, Vaginismus is also called “postponement disease”. There’s always an excuse for her not to come to treatment. Whereas Vaginismus treatment is a problem with 100%. All it takes is for the woman to trust herself and her sexual therapist. All women who have a cure for vaginismus are sad when they lose. All ‘ ‘ I wish I had come to treatment before ‘ ‘ they say. Do not postpone your treatment to not say.

What is Vaginismus

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