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Vaginismus treatment, which is a very common ailment in women, is a condition that should not be raised in the eye.

What is Vaginismus?

If you are wondering what vaginismus is, Vaginismus is a very difficult realization of sexual intercourse as a result of the contraction of the vagina region because of the conscious or subconscious fears and anxieties that women live in the relationship It is a disorder where there is a lot of pain or pressure, or sexual intercourse never occur. In our country, it is a very common discomfort under vaginismal, because psychological reasons lie in fact that the solution and couples in the eyes of a situation that should not be raised.

Who is vaginismus seen in?

Vaginismus is a disorder that can be seen in women who have grown in all types of environment and family. However, the majority of the problem is generally more predominantly women who grow up with a breeding style that allows them to look at sexual intercourse with the eye of shame, sin or bad activity. Women who grow up in such an environment feel guilty when entering the relationship, or as if they suffer or have a fear of tearing and a lot of blood flowing through the vagina muscles involuntarily or involinally to the closure of the vagina area Causes. In our society, which grows quite dependent on the ancestral culture, sexual intercourse is still a taboo and the task is to have sex with women whether sex is the only male and the result of giving women a duty awareness of sexuality. Consciousness and this causes the vaginismus problem to be seen more frequently in our society than in other European countries.

How often is vaginismus seen?

The research on this issue suggests that Vaginismus is experiencing one of the married women. Although this rate does not seem to be very high, this problem is due to the number of people looking for a solution because such a statistic is created by the number of people who do not express this problem or do not refer to the doctor estimate that this ratio is much higher Is.

What are vaginal contractions? How does it happen?

The reason for the vaginismus problem is the contraction of the vagina muscles. Since the vagina is a body part with a very dense muscle tissue, the woman's vagina is narrowest as a result of contraction of the muscles of this region, and sometimes it is almost closed and the pain of sexual intercourse and a very intense pain in any force during intercourse . The woman may be conscious of these contractions, or it can be consciously causing contraction. Studies show that unconscious contractions occur more frequently, that women have behaviors such as closing their legs during intercourse and pushing the man away.

What are the symptoms of the wahjisyou?

Symptoms of vaginismus consist of several symptoms that partners may observe during intercourse. These symptoms are as follows:

  • The fact that sexual intercourse cannot occur
  • The woman is afraid of gynecological examination and therefore the vaginal entrance is closed and the examination does not occur as a result of contractions.
  • Woman's inability to wear tampons (during menstrual period)
  • Women feel very intense pain during intercourse
  • The fact that the woman is not feeling comfortable during sexual intercourse and is constantly in a trigger, tense
  • Inability to finger the vagina
  • The woman's sexuality is frightening and thinks as a taboo activity
  • Not having sexual intercourse because only part of a man's penis can enter or never go into the vagina
  • The inability to look at the female genital area or to see the genital area as a dirty or nasty area

If you observe one or more of these vaginismus symptoms in yourself, or if you think that your partner has such a situation, there is no need to worry or fear. When you contact us, we try to help you as soon as you can, and we'll get you through this as soon as you can. If you are trying to solve this issue between yourselves, you can get professional support because both sides may alienated from sexual intercourse and increase the fear of women getting involved, you should leave this problem behind without coldness and the problem deepening. To help you with your

Feel free to contact us for more information!
Causes of Vaginiscan

Let's consider what vaginismus means when you share the causes of vaginismus. Vaginismus is generally translated as a sexual phobic reaction and is defined as a fear of sexual intercourse. In general, it can be understood from the definition that because of a fear of not having sexual intercourse with 90% of the causes of vaginissis is purely psychological reasons, such as 10% of the vagina in a small proportion of structural or otherwise called organic Due to problems, vaginismus condition arises. Structural causes are the high-edged or thick of the hymen, the intermediate compartments contained in the vagina, and are seen in women with very low possibilities.

We shorten the process in the treatment of Vaginiscan

Vaginismus is a sexual problem that can be cured in 100%, and it is not a condition that spouses are sympathetic to each other and cannot be solved if they are open to treatment. At the same time, the process of vaginismus treatment is complemented in a very short time with our treatment process which will help you with adequate care and sensitivity. As it is known, it is beneficial to resolve this problem as soon as the sexual problems between the couples also damage the emotional relationship between the couples over time. In this process, you are aware that you will be able to decline or be timid, and we are definitely against you, accusing you of the rough treatment approach. When you contact us about this, we will return to you as soon as we can and successfully perform vaginismus treatment with interest and support. The countless couples we've helped before have left this problem behind and have a healthy and happy sex life.

Which vaginismus treatments should not be applied?

There are applications that are applied by partners due to vaginismus or that some clinics impose on patients. We strongly recommend that you stay away from these treatments, as these applications can further deeway your issue:

  • If the woman is not experiencing vaginismus due to a structural problem, then surgical removal of the hymen will not work in the treatment of vaginismus.
  • Muscle relaxants can lead to a further point of the problem, causing the woman to feel more vulnerable during sexual intercourse and to make herself susceptible.
  • Antidepressant therapy is a treatment that works in people who are depressed because of the vaginismus problem; It can cause worse results in a woman who is not depressed.
  • Entering sexual intercourse under anesthesia is completely contrary to law and the psychology of the patient and is an application that can cause irreversible damage to it and should not be strictly applied.
  • Sexual intercourse in the clinic is an ethical and legal practice and you should not apply for this treatment method.
  • Vaginismus is not an ailment to be treated with medication you stay away from pills, creams and gels that claim to be able to treat this problem.
  • Trying to get alcohol and intercourse is definitely not working, and it's a condition that cools the couples out of the relationship.
How do we perform the treatment of Vaginiscan?

We provide you with the opportunity to treat you in accordance with the law and ethical rules in order to prevent our patients from becoming more difficult to psychologically and to avoid the treatment process. This allows you to get through your process as soon as you can, and with your partner, we serve you with a sense of treatment that will not create fear on either side without coldness or sexual intercourse. The Vaginismus treatment process we offer to you is as follows:

  • After you apply to us, we set a date and time that is appropriate for you and suitable for our working calendar.
  • We are talking to you during the appointment and we are reducing your reservations regarding this issue. We are talking about how this problem can be solved completely and we are giving information about our treatment process.
  • As we have already said, the causes of Vaginusmus are very likely psychological causes. However, we also perform physical examinations in order not to completely ignore the possibility that this situation may arise for a physical reason in our treatment. With physical examination, we determine the treatment process by making sure that the cause of this distress is physical or not.
  • We inform the couples about the process and say they need to support each other in the process.
  • If there is no physical problem, we offer the treatment they need to make a healthy and happy relationship by changing the psychological reactions of the woman unconscious to sexual intercourse. These treatments include information, psychotherapies, behavioural therapies and other mixed therapies.
  • The functioning period of treatment is based on the problem of vaginismus, as the couples are open to treatment, but with vaginismus treatment Ankara, we are doing our part to get you through the most comfortable and easy way.
Success stories of our vaginismus patients



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