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Vaginoplasty (vaginal narrowing)

There may be a variety of reasons for the growth of the vagina. Vaginoplasty is made for the measurement of your vagina.

So, what are the curious about vaginoplasty?

About Vaginoplasty

First of all, it is important to provide information about the operation. How to make vaginoplasty, the answer to all questions you wonder as to what the prices are. Within the detailed information provided, you will be informed about how a process awaits you before and after the operation. The controls made by the doctor will be given details about how the operation should take place for you.

Why do vaginoplasty operations need to be performed?

We can say it’s between 7 and 10 cm for an average vagina. Sexual intercourse, birth and age factor can cause the vagina to expand. According to research, the number of birth is a big factor in the enlargement of the vagina. The number of children brought to earth with Normal birth greatly affects the width of the person’s vagina. Vagina narrowing surgery When a woman has an abnormal width in her vagina, it’s supposed to affect her sexual life. Both the problem of self-confidence and the quality of sexual life to fall, a simple operation to take place can be eliminated.

The intervention by the doctor is about the size your vagina should be in normal conditions. Both the elimination of your discomfort and the increase in the quality of your sex life will be possible with vaginoplasty.

How is vaginoplasty done?

The operation is moving through the tissues. The abnormal width of the vagina is surrounded by textures. The doctor’s intervention is that the tissues are removed and the surrounding area is wrapped with tight tissues. Compressing soft tissues and muscles occurs during the operation. Afterwards, it is ensured that the woman’s vagina is wide. This operation, also referred to as vagina Aesthetics, is completed in a short time. The time to return to sexual life after a successful operation is shortened.


First check is performed for the operation you requested. After ultrasound examinations, you are given personal information about the operation that will be applied to you. You will be fully moved and checked through your current situation.

Determining the day of surgery;

After the checks, the most suitable surgery date will be determined.

Surgical intervention;

Following the creation of the conditions, a direct surgical intervention is passed. The doctor completes the aesthetic operation with the soft tissue surrounding the vagina surrounded by tight tissues. In this way, the vagina should be delivered to the width that should be.

What anesthesia is performed in vaginoplasty?

You may wonder which anesthetic method will be used in the operation. It is not possible to receive information about which aesthetic method to use when performing vaginoplasty. Firstly, you can share with your doctor which anesthesia method you want to use. It is important to choose the Anaesthesia method where you will be comfortable and satisfied with the operation.

  • Local anesthesia: Local anesthesia is the drug of the region where the operation will take place directly. In this case, the regional drug will take place and the operation will be completed directly in that area.
  • General anesthesia: Patients may also request general anesthesia if they wish. Ensuring that you sleep with general anesthesia and completing the operation at this stage will be performed by your doctor. 

When the anesthesia is finished in both anesthesia methods, the surgery will be complete. With a small operation, you can make your vagina come to normal width.

How long does vaginoplasty take?

Patients have curiosity about how long the surgery is going to take. The fact that it will take place in a short period of time reduces the concern of the operation. In order to shrink the vagina, you should be aware that your doctor will process between 35 – 40 minutes. You will see that the operation will be completed in a short time, much shorter than you think. Without even an hour, the operation you have requested will have eliminated your concerns.

What to consider after surgery

What needs to be done after the vaginal collapse is extremely important. First of all, it is recommended that the patient double the condition of hygiene after the operation. The absence of an infection in any way will be with the patient’s attention.


After the surgery, you will be given medications that you must use by your doctor. The person needs to use these medications regularly without interrupting. Using your medicines regularly, you are expected to support your recovery process.


After the operation, the dressings will be done. It will reduce the risk of infection and accelerate the recovery time in the dressings made by nurses. It is imperative that they not be neglected during the postoperative period.

When the shower is taken;

Among those who are curious by the patients, the question of when can be taken in the shower after the vaginal surgery is frequently asked questions. Yes, the day the operation is complete, the shower is not appropriate. You can take a shower a day after the operation. This shower must be standing. If you pay attention to that, there’s no problem.

How much recess is given to sexual life;

It is recommended that there is no sexual life between 1 and 1.5 months after the operation. It’s important that you take care of the healing angle. You will be reminded that you do not have intercourse with your doctor during this time. It may be possible to change the duration of your doctor’s checks.

Entering the pool in the sea;

The most accurate time for this is between 1 and 1.5 months. You should take care of these precautions to prevent a person from being infected. You will be accelerating the recovery process after the operation.

Must be moved by paying attention to the above issues. If you learn the details of the uterine narrowing, your concern about the operation will be eliminated. If you contact the doctor, you will learn the details.

Are there stitches after vaginoplasty?

There is no such thing as taking stitches in the healing process after the surgery is done. The aesthetic seams used are self-destruction between 1 and 1.5 months. There is no need to reuse an operation or a different process.

Aesthetic seams: The operation occurs with the seams which are not melted by themselves.

Operation of Vaginoplasty is terminated by aesthetic seams in an aesthetic environment. Since there is no stage such as sewing, the loss of stitches will be greatly improved. When the recovery is complete, the operation becomes easier because the seams will not be taken and melted. If you are wondering whether the suture is taken after vanijoplasty, the answer to the question will be answered in a clear way no.

Vaginoplasty Prices

The prices to be requested for the operation will also be wondered. If the patients receive information about the prices, it will be extremely easy if they communicate with the doctor personally. It is important to provide details about the operation and to provide clear information about the price after your doctor’s examinations. Vaginoplasty aesthetics are offered according to the market. Patients will be satisfied with the price of the operation is ensured.

So, what is the procedure for vaginoplasty?

Make an appointment;

To get to the aesthetic doctor, you need to make a short appointment. You will be provided with an appointment via the appointment system which is offered shortly. By providing your information, you may receive your appointment to contact the doctor on the day and time that you are eligible.

The best prices are;

It is important to present the most appropriate prices for the operation. Both qualified and professional doctors will be provided with the operation and the appropriate prices will be presented. You can get clear information about the prices of vaginoplasty aesthetics from your doctor.


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